Which MERV Filter is Best for Your Home?

In most cases, a MERV 11 air filter is suitable for residential use. This type of filter provides very efficient air purification without affecting airflow. Meanwhile, air filters with a MERV 14 rating or higher are designed for commercial HVAC systems that can handle the coarsest filter material. MERV ratings 1 to 16 are considered HVAC system grade filters suitable for residential, commercial and general hospital HVAC systems.

A MERV 8 is considered a superior filtration compared to air filters with a lower MERV rating. If the air cleaner is on the return grille inside your home, the arrow should point toward the wall or ceiling. A basic MERV 4 filter is probably the cheapest, but it won't trap certain small particles (such as dust mites and pet dander) that might be in your home. The MERV rating system is designed to determine the filter's ability to remove particles from the air.

When selecting an air filter, you should consider the size of your HVAC system and the type of particles you want to remove from your home. If you're worried about the effects of inhaling fine air particles, that's another reason to choose a MERV 11 air filter instead of a MERV 8 air filter. The table below shows the minimum threshold at which a filter must operate to obtain a specific MERV rating. Changing air filters regularly has far-reaching implications, such as increased system efficiency, longer system life, and a cleaner home environment. A dirty, clogged filter reduces the efficiency of your home's HVAC system by making it more difficult to push air throughout your home.

The final count compared to the total amount of particles is converted to a percentage representing how many particles were successfully filtered out of the air. If you've noticed a reduction in the efficiency or airflow of your split air conditioning unit, the first thing to check is your air filter. The air filter is also at risk of collapsing, as it is designed so that air flows in only one direction through it. When selecting an air filter for your home, make sure you choose one with an appropriate MERV rating for your HVAC system and consider what type of particles you want to remove from your home. A MERV 11 air filter should provide very efficient air purification without affecting airflow while anything under a MERV 13 should be suitable for residential use.

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